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A leader in digital innovation

KLM is a leader in digital innovation & IT within aviation. We know, it’s not something you would expect from a 103-year-old lady.  We've been exploring the world since our first flight in 1920, and now, through our BlueLabs, we're exploring the exciting possibilities in VR and AR.

Our cloud-based data centre holds terabytes of data from our flights and planes, all ready to be examined for new insights as we work towards building a more sustainable airline for the future.

At KLM, you'll work in diverse and inspiring teams on projects ranging from ambitious UX products and aviation sustainability to cybersecurity challenges and complex data optimisation.

I feel fortunate I can work up to 8 weeks a year from EU, EER, Switzerland and the Caribbean.

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We're always on the lookout for new talents in technology. If you think you're up for a job at KLM Tech & Data, dive into the various disciplines, look at our work and see what opportunities suit you. There are always multiple growth paths you can take within our IT Academy. Leave us a message if you want to know more. We'd love to hear from you.

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Quantitative Marketing Manager


Consultant Decision Support Level 3


Full Stack Lead Developer

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Business Product Analyst

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Project Manager

Schiphol Rijk

Product Analyst

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